Global GDPR Legislative predictions by IAPP

10 Jan 2019
The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has published an article where various IAPP members from around the world offered their predictions as to the legislative effect the GDPR may have to their country during 2019. The predictions made are not only from members from EU countries but also from IAPP members from non-EU countries such as Canada, Chile, Nigeria and many more. 

Privacy Minders’ partner, Ms. Maria Raphael, made the following prediction regarding Cyprus:
“The drafting of this text coincides with the Cyprus Commissioner’s 2017 annual report, submitted to the President of the Republic of Cyprus Dec. 18, 2018. It is anticipated that in 2019 the commissioner’s activities will be intensified and that the Cyprus GDPR implementation law in regards to derogations will be enriched.
Dec. 22, 2018, the Right of Access to the Documents of the Public Sector Law, enacted back in December 2017, came into effect establishing and regulating the right of access of the public to information possessed by public authorities with the exception that such right does not exist where the access request concerns personal data either of the applicant or a third person.

The law does mention that, in the latter case, the Processing of Personal Data (Individuals’ Protection) Law is applicable, however, this law has been abolished and Cyprus's GDPR implementation law specifically provides that personal data in official documents possessed by a public authority for the purposes of performing a duty for the public interest are disclosed, subject to the provisions of the Right of Access to the Documents of the Public Sector Law. It remains to be seen how this law will be applied within 2019 and if further legislative interventions will be required in order to safeguard the proper exercise of the right of access.

As the proposed ePrivacy Regulation is likely to come into force in 2019, it is reasonable to expect major legislative harmonizing efforts with the active support and advice of the commissioner.”

As an IAPP member, you can read the predictions other IAPP members made for their countries here

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