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Privacy Perfect is the ultimate GDPR compliance software. It provides a natural flow between three administrations required by the new Regulation: data protection impact assessments, processing activities (including transfers), and data breaches (including breach notifications to supervisory authorities and data subjects).
Your organisation should conform to many GDPR requirements. These include meeting controller and processor obligations, fulfilling data subject rights and complying with supervisory authorities’ requests. PrivacyPerfect tool enables your organisation to enter and assess relevant privacy records and promote them through the ‘privacy funnel’. 


Art. 35 GDPR: data protection impact assessment If the processing of personal data triggers a high risk to the rights of the persons whose data are used, the impact of the processing has to be assessed by:
providing an overview of all processing operations and why they are being performed
assessing if these operations are justified relative to this purpose of the processing
assessing how the persons whose data are used could be affected
determining measures to mitigate these risks


Art. 36 GDPR: prior consultation
If the assessment indicates a high risk for data subjects in the absence of mitigating measures, the supervisory authority has to be consulted.
The one stop GDPR compliance tool.
Make sure.


Art. 30 GDPR: records of processing activities The organisation responsible for the processing has to maintain an administration of processing activities if it employs more than 250 people, or if it processes personal data on a structural basis.
The contact details of the responsible organisations and the data protection officer where applicable
The purpose for which personal data are being used
Categories of persons whose data are being used
Categories of personal data being used
External organisations to which personal data are sent
With what purpose personal data are sent to external organisations
Time limits for erasure after data are no longer needed
Technical and organisational security measures
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