Data Protection Officer as a Service

Privacy Minders may be appointed as your organisation’s Data Protection Officer (DPO).

The GDPR imposes a duty on organisations to appoint a DPO if they are a public authority or body, or if they carry out certain types of processing activities.

As specified in the GDPR, the DPO’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Educating the company and employees on important compliance requirements
  • Training staff involved in data processing
  • Conducting audits to ensure compliance and address potential issues proactively
  • Serving as the point of contact between the company and GDPR Supervisory Authorities
  • Monitoring performance and providing advice on the impact of data protection efforts
  • Maintaining comprehensive records of all data processing activities conducted by the company, including the purpose of all processing activities, which must be made public on request
  • Interfacing with data subjects to inform them about how their data is being used, their rights to have their personal data erased, and what measures the company has put in place to protect their personal information


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